Light ceilings

Light Ceillings
Properly used lighting is the best way to achieve breathtaking results. These can be combined with translucent, multi level or perforated ceillings to brighten up the room, create great atmosphere or futuristic look of the interior. Our consultant will propose a range of options based on Your needs, there is a great room for experimentation to achieve unique effects thanks to this technology.
We can not only combine standard led strips or spotlights, there is also an option to use a projector in order to achieve a “living starry sky effect". There is no better way to give Your home or company a breathtakingly modern or futuristic look!

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What is it aimed for?
Residential and commercial interiors, especially homes, offices, and restaurants
Multi-level structure, based on aluminum tracks. Can be enhanced with LED or point lighting.
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Great Value

Best, most modern solution for an affordable price

Environmentally Friendly

Long lasting, durable materials which won`t negatively affect Mother Earth

Large variety

Great range of colors, textures, photos, lightings types, we welcome custom designs as well!