One of the best home improvements You can afford – epoxy resin floors are stainless, hard to scratch, easy to maintenance, able to withstand high pressure and resistant to chemicals. Additionally You can choose from thousands of designs as well as use photographs to make Your floor unique and attractive.
Great for all interiors – elegant wooden textures for Your living room, attractive photos for Your bathroom or kids room and durable patterns for the garage. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details!

what we offer
Epoxy Floor Technology
Highly resistant to chemicals, wear and tear, water. Reflective, long living, requires little maintenance
Other Benefits
Quick installation, environmentally friendly, versatile, great looking, with thousands of patterns to choose.
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Modern Technology

Used in aeronautics, yacht building, automotive and music industry and many more… Epoxy resin is a highly versitile material with great specification, its use in flooring solutions has risen sharply in XXI century

Proffessional and experienced

EFS specializes in epoxy flooring solutions and is the official distributor of USA epoxy producer – Elite Crete Systems. Our workers are experienced, well trained, we are ready to accept even most challenging orders

Environmentally friendly

EFS believes in need for greener, healthier, more ethical business models. Goods and services offered by us are friendly for the environment, durable and don`t affect human nor animal health