Photo Print Ceillings

Photo Print Ceilings
Using photoprints as a decoration can bring stunning results whether You want to decorate Your children’s room or create a great atmosphere in a restaurant. You can choose from a range of photos available in the libraries of fotolia, shutterstock, getty images, deposit photos and many more… Our graphic designer can also create a custom texture for You, or we can use Our photography studio to prepare a specific high-resolution photo if required.
Photo print will look especially interesting if used as a translucent ceiling. Contact us for more details.

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What is it aimed for?
Residential and commercial interiors, especially homes, offices, and restaurants
Multi-level structure, based on aluminum tracks. Can be enhanced with LED or point lighting.
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Great Value

Best, most modern solution for an affordable price

Environmentally Friendly

Long lasting, durable materials which won`t negatively affect Mother Earth

Large variety

Great range of colors, textures, photos, lightings types, we welcome custom designs as well!